Wednesday, September 23, 2009

End of Summer

Alright - so I wasn't back soon - but I'm here!! How's that? Wow - a month has gone by already - time really does fly. We are into Fall and really feeling it around here - this whole week is in the 70s and no one is complaining about that!! Our summer was the best weather I can remember. The first week it was in the 100s and since then, it has been very mild, not very humid, it has rained every couple of days so the grass is still growing. Normally - we would still be in the at least 90s, humid, grass is dead and we are dying for some rain. I bet our air conditioner has been off for at least the last month in a half. I hope this doesn't mean that we will be buried in snow this winter or we will burn off the face of the earth next summer!

On to the kiddos - Alivia has been in pre-school now for a full month and of course, loving it. She has made new friends and cannot wait to show up each day. She was just surprised by a visit from her Uncle Corey and girlfriend Maki from Hawaii!! They came to surprise my mom for her birthday and we had to make it just as big a surprise for Alivia or I don't think it would have been that way for mom. They got to stay for 5 days and Alivia had Maki playing with her non-stop. Thanks Maki!! There are 4 field trips planned with her school this year and the first will be to the pumpkin patch in late Oct.
Desmon - now 4 1/2 months and was 17 1/2 pounds at his 4 month dr. appt!! Wow - a chubber to say the least. He is still a very happy baby - he is baby talking now, has a little fake cough going on, and is still loving Alivia to death. He is rolling over onto his belly and is very alert. He enjoys seeing the animals walk past and has been watching his Baby Einstein videos. He will get to eat his first "meal" in a couple of weeks - this will be rice cereal, yeah!! After that, its on to the orange veggies, then green veggies, and fruit. It has been really fun seeing him grow and remembering all of the things they do - hard to believe that I have forgotten so many stages but its fun repeating them now.
Hope you all are doing well and enjoy the pics.

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